As one of the first independent documentary production companies in Sri Lanka, Video Image has covered a wide scope of topics and fields. We have done many projects covering various social concerns and awareness issues, both in Sri Lanka and the South Asian region.

Video Image also renders Filming and Post Production facilities for international producers that cover both national and regional stories. Much more than just an equipment rental service, Video Image offers seasoned professional crews capable of matching any international production standards be it in filming, reporting or research. Our Directors, DOPs and Producers have decades of experience working with crews and clients from all around the world.

Video Image has produced documentaries and feature stories for various NGO’s, Government and International agencies. Our services are also available to private companies that need to document their projects and events. Some of our prestigious international clientele include BBC, CNN, ABC, NASA, FOXTEL, Granada TV, The Oprah Winfrey Show, The Amazing Race, Discovery Channel, Academy Awards, X-prize Foundation, Voice of America, Dutch National TV, Speigel TV, Intelsat, Tros Vermist, TV2 Norway, Zentropa Real, ITT Industries, Nokia, Laureus Sports for Good Foundation, Lions Club International, Pilot Productions (World Café Asia), State of the Art Inc (Gerry Wurzburg), Hogarth Worldwide, Clockwork Films Dublin, Natural History New Zealand, CARE International, IUCN, Red Cross, Precinct Studios (My Sri Lanka with Peter Kuruwita), GIZ, IOM plus many other reputed International television stations, production companies and corporate clients.