Video Image (Pvt) Ltd

With over two decades’ worth of experience, Video Image has established itself as Sri Lanka’s foremost production company with a portfolio of both local and international clientele. Having produced notable television commercials and acclaimed documentaries, the company has built a reputation and track record that has caught the attention of both the world’s advertising and production circles.

Since its inception in 1992, the small streamlined company has won countless accolades, awards and appreciation. Operating out of a renovated colonial-era bungalow in Colombo, Video Image has proven itself time and again to delivering consistent and outstanding results, achieved through a combination of professionalism, a honed level of perfection and a dedicated work ethos, instilling a profound sense of quiet pride in the work we do.

Thanks to the company’s ceaseless efforts at perfection and its continuity in keeping consistent with technology platforms used by the world’s leading production companies, Video Image has opened new doors for the Sri Lankan television industry, pulling it away from the brink of an abyss. Providing turnkey 4k and HD digital video production, video editing services, lighting and sound and much more, in addition to in-house audio production services, the company has constantly turned inspiring scripts into memorable commercials and kept filming up to international standards. The company has partnered up with international production companies to develop content for television series and reality television shows on numerous occasions on account of Video Image’s ability to deliver high quality at affordable prices. The cornerstone of the company’s lasting success can be attributed to Video Image’s tireless crusade for the highest standards of excellence and their ability to repeatedly achieve it.